Alex Hadassah Anzalone

Nutrition and Spirituality Coaching for Women


Nutrition & Spirituality Coaching for Women

*a sensual-spiritual approach to health & happiness*

Alex Hadassah Anzalone

Sessions Via Telephone or Skype
and In-Person in Berkshires, MA


Our inner~guide (aka inner~knowing) is the most powerful aspect of ourselves. It is our compass that guides us to make choices in life that lead us to manifest the most beautiful and inspiring expression of ourselves... and to manifest our hearts desires. Connecting with that inner~super~power is a deeply spiritual process and requires that we take consistent actions in our lives that strengthen our access to it... like working out a muscle. The more consistently we work it out, the more easily accessible that super~power is, and the more powerfully we can forge new and better paths in our lives.

As women, our intuition is a fierce and beautiful force to be reckoned with. Our inner~knowing is powerfully ever-present.

However, the norm or habit in our society of taking on too much, feeling like we have to and that we should be able to do it all -- get married, have kids, have a great relationship, buy a house, have a successful career, financial wealth, be fit, stay young, have a great social life, and stay balanced and happy at the same time -- can end up burning us out in major ways and disconnecting us from that intuition. Most of us women either have been, are, or will end up over and over again in situations that make us feel trapped, overwhelmed and frustrated and wondering how things strayed so far from our intentions.

What I cherish and am excited to share with you about my approach to connecting more powerfully with our inner~wisdom is that it is a sumptuous, delicious, and pleasurable process.  The focus is on increasing the joy, pleasure and awareness in your life. You don't have to make any big moves or changes in your outer world -- you just have to focus on making small but powerful and enjoyable shifts in your inner world. And from there, your outer world will re-organize itself in miraculous ways to more deeply reflect your desires.

Through my coaching, we focus on cultivating habits and rituals that feel good for you in the areas of (1) nutrition, (2) body movement, (3) spirituality, (4) sensuality (engaging your senses), (5) self-love & care.

By giving love and attention to all these areas of our life, we clear a path within us to our inner~guide. And from there, the miracles flood in and our lives begin to shift in amazing ways. It's the most empowering process in life and make us realize that the power, knowledge, and wisdom to create the reality we want, is within us. We don't need anyone or anything but ourselves. And when we really own that reality, we attract the people, things and circumstances in our life that flow from our deepest desires.

If you are resonating with me so far and want to have a conversation about it, please reach out and schedule an introductory session with me.  We'll explore what's going on for you that is drawing you to coaching, what you want to accomplish in this one precious life of yours, how I can support you, and if we are a good fit. 

To schedule, please call (646) 712-0722

With Great Love,